A Private Oasis For The Everyday

A bathroom is a very personal space that should meet your needs. If you’ve ever stood in line waiting to use your own bathroom, you know having the right number of bathrooms for the number of people in your home is essential. Whether it’s a bathroom expansion to upgrade a small or outdated bathroom or a completely new bathroom addition to meet the needs of your growing family, our Gainesville contractors can build a home addition that exceeds all of your expectations.

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Benefits Of A Bathroom Addition

Adding a bathroom to your home can provide a lot of benefits, though sometimes a bathroom renovation can accomplish the same goals with a smaller investment in time and money. However, nothing beats starting from scratch to create the exact bathroom layout and style you want. Check out the other potential benefits of a bathroom addition below.

More Space

Having to wait to use a bathroom because it’s already occupied can be a real pain. Whether you’re rushing to get everyone ready in the morning or just need some private moments to yourself, an additional bathroom can provide the space you and your family need.

Better Layout

Old bathrooms can often be cramped and awkward, but a bathroom addition puts the control for design and layout in your hands. Whether you want to expand on an existing bathroom or want to add a new bathroom to create a master bedroom suite, a bathroom addition can allow you to do things your way.

Custom Storage

One of the many perks of any custom home addition is you can have custom features added, such as custom storage, shelving, cabinetry, and more. Because you don’t have to fit a specific space, you can have pieces crafted to fit your needs.

Increased Value

Many homebuyers place a premium on the number of bathrooms in a home because they don’t want to add a bathroom themselves later on. If you’re considering different home remodeling projects, a bathroom addition can be one of the best in terms of cost to resale value.

Bathroom Addition Ideas

When it comes to your bathroom addition, our home remodel contractors will listen to all of your goals to craft a bathroom that meets all of your needs. We have years of contracting experience and will work with you every step of the way to ensure you’re 100% satisfied. For bathroom additions, it’s important to consider some of these common elements.

  • Bathtubs, Showers, & Combos. Consider whether you want to build your bathroom around a freestanding spa tub, a luxurious shower with massaging jets, or an open shower and tub combo.
  • Shower Doors & Tiling. We can install half shower doors, sliding shower doors, or shower doors that open for the perfect style. For the finishing touch, we can install beautiful tile mosaics that are truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Bathroom Flooring. We can install any type of flooring, including tile, brick, concrete, bamboo, and wood. We can even install combination flooring to create different sections in the bathroom.
  • Bathroom Lighting. From simple recessed lighting to chandeliers, we can install whatever style of lighting, wherever you want it.
  • Windows. Windows are a great source of natural light and we can install any type of window, skylight, and glass block windows for the utmost privacy.
  • Bathroom Vanities & Mirrors. Often the focal point of a bathroom, we can install vanities that you’ve purchased, help you find the right style, or create beautiful custom vanities with drawers, cabinets, and shelving.
  • Sinks & Faucets. We can install any type of sink and faucet, including an undermount sink, vessel sink, pedestal sink, wall-mounted sink, and more. Mix and match faucet styles to create a design that’s perfectly you!
  • Toilets & Bidets. Be comfortable when you do your business!
  • Linen Closets. Linen closets are a popular addition to bathrooms for easy access to everything you need while in the bathroom without using up valuable vanity space.
  • Master Bathroom. A master bedroom bathroom should be the best bathroom in the house!

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