More Space For What’s Important

Many families opt to move to a larger house when their family starts to grow, taking on more debt. However, a bedroom addition can keep you in the home you love and provide you with the extra space you need, all at a fraction of the cost it takes to uproot your family and move. If you require more room for a new child, an older child, or a parent or family member needing extra care, our Gainesville contractors can build a home addition that satisfies all of your needs.

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Benefits Of A Bedroom Addition

Adding a new bedroom to a home has several benefits, and they should all be considered before deciding if it’s the right course of action for your family. It can even sometimes be a better option over bedroom renovations because it gives you a fresh slate to work with. Whether your kids are too old to be sharing a bedroom or you want to upgrade your bedroom into a master suite, we can create a custom bedroom perfect for your needs.

More Space

The most obvious benefit of a room addition is you will have more room for whatever you want the room for. A bedroom addition will give everyone their personal space and help keep harmony in the home.

Better Floorplan

Many bedroom floor plans don’t offer much except a square space for you to fill. When you have a custom-built bedroom, aspects such as natural lighting via windows and skylights, patio space, attached bathrooms, or open walkways can be added to make a truly unique and usable space.

Custom Designs

In addition to a better floor plan, a custom home addition can achieve accents that make a bedroom more personalized and functional. Built-in shelving, recessed lighting, walk-in closets, and more can all make a bedroom work better for the person using it.

Increased Value

Like any home remodeling project, a bedroom addition can add value to the home if you eventually decide to sell. Many potential buyers will be drawn in by the additional usable square footage and the custom aspects of the bedroom.

Bedroom Addition Ideas

When it comes to your bedroom addition, our home remodel contractors can take your visions and make them a reality. Even if you don’t have clear ideas for everything you want, we’ll work with you and provide our expertise to hammer out every detail. For bedroom additions, it’s important to consider some of these common elements.

  • Closets. Consider whether the new bedroom is better suited for a walk-in or reach-in closet. Additionally, consider how the closet functions, such as whether you want closet doors or sliding mirrors, built-in shelving, hanging rods, or a mix of the two.
  • Ensuite Bathroom. An attached bathroom is a popular choice, especially for bedroom additions. Additionally, instead of building an entirely new bathroom, we can renovate an existing bathroom to make it connect to the new bedroom.
  • Lighting. This includes both natural and artificial lighting. Do you want recessed lighting, a ceiling fan/lighting combo, or do you prefer floor or table lamps? Additionally, do you want more natural lighting through windows or perhaps a skylight in the ceiling?
  • Windows. There are so many different styles of windows and window areas, such as bay windows, garden windows, circle top designs, and more. Now is the time to dream about what the eyes of your bedroom will look like.
  • Doors. Doorways are an important, often overlooked aspect of a bedroom. Consider whether you want double or single doors, wide or narrow entrances, and custom trims for the door frames.
  • Flooring. Possible flooring options include wood, carpet, tile, laminate, concrete, stone, and more. We can even install a combination of flooring options to create designated spaces within the room.
  • Built-In Solutions. Instead of buying new furniture, consider built-in options, such as cabinets, entertainment centers, headboards, shelving, and more.
  • Finishes. From wallpaper and paint to molding and trim, we can add the final touches that personalize your new space.

Check out our photo gallery for some inspiring bedroom pictures.