Bedroom Renovations

A Room Just For You

Unlike other rooms throughout a house, a bedroom is personal. It’s a private space to be yourself and a place to retreat to at the end of the day. So why is it that so many bedrooms don’t seem to support that function? From cluttered walkways to cramped closets, many people have more than just a few complaints they dream of changing in their bedroom.

Don’t live with the inconvenience of an outdated bedroom! Our home remodelers have years of experience renovating every room in the house. Schedule a consultation today for more information about a bedroom renovation.

Bedroom Remodel Ideas

When it comes to a remodeled room, the sky’s the limit, especially when you’re working with a team of experienced contractors who know how to turn your vision into reality. Because bedroom remodels can encompass so many elements, it’s important to determine your goals and style. Standard bedroom upgrades include the following.

  • Custom Lighting. From soft bedside lighting, so you don’t wake your partner to overhead lighting in closets so you can finally see all of your outfits, custom lighting can be installed on walls, ceilings, and even floors!
  • Doors & Windows. Want a western exposure window so you can snuggle up and watch the sunset? We can do that! How about a new door installation so you can walk onto your back patio with ease. Whether it’s expanding existing door or window spaces, or installing new ones altogether, we can bring in as much natural light as you want!
  • Flooring. Whether you want wood, carpet, or something in-between, we can remove the old flooring and install any type of flooring you desire.
  • Storage Solutions. Nothing beats custom-built storage, and this is especially true for bedrooms and closets. We can build and install in-wall cabinets, stand-alone cubicles, and shelving to suit your needs.
  • Wall Finish. We leave no detail unfinished! From exquisite crown molding to pops of color, we can finish your walls as the final touch to a renovated bedroom.

Small Bedroom Remodel

In addition to providing custom solutions that maximize your space without taking up more of it, we also offer home additions. For example, we can utilize unused space from adjoining areas to build out that much-needed space for a bedroom expansion. Not ready to tear down walls? What about building them instead? We can build out or add a second floor to your home for expanded living space!

Master Bedroom Bathroom

Bathroom renovations often go hand-in-hand with bedroom renovations because it’s typically easier and more cost-effective to do it all at once. A bathroom remodel can include an expansion, custom cabinetry, new fixture installations, and more. Fall in love with the convenience of a uniquely crafted master suite!