Custom Homes

Your Home, The Way You Want It

There’s nothing quite like loving every aspect of your home. However, when you move into an already established structure, you’re left either having to deal with the inconveniences or sink money into home remodels or home additions. But, when you start from the ground up with a custom home, you’re sure to get everything you want, especially if you work with our reliable and experienced Gainesville contractors.

At Sterling Builders Group, LLC, we pride ourselves on top craftsmanship and years of exceptional delivery to our customers in Gainesville and around Florida. Check out some of our home renovation projects to see what we’ve done for others, and schedule a consultation today to see what we can do for you!

Our Home Building Process

Our team comprises skilled builders and designers who can help you at every step of your custom home building journey. It’s our mission that you understand our process and address all of your questions and concerns. In addition, we work with our customers to create a good relationship with open communication and trust.

Stage 1: Understanding Your Vision

Unlike some other companies, our goal is to thoroughly understand the vision you have for your new home so that we can achieve it together. We’ll review everything we need to get started on the design process during this stage and provide you with an estimate for the project. You can come prepared with lots of home remodeling ideas, or we can hash it out together until you’re satisfied!

Stage 2: Designing The Plans

Designing is where vision meets reality. Once we have a clear understanding of your vision, we can begin putting the pieces together to design a beautiful and cohesive plan for your new home. Of course, we’ll make sure that everything meets all county and state codes while still adhering to your goals and our highest standards.

Stage 3: Building Your Home

Once the plans are approved, we can begin the most exciting part of the project! Piece by piece, we’ll build your home into the personal castle of your dreams. From the floors to the ceiling, our contractors will work diligently to deliver a home that’s safe, customized, and will last you and your family for the rest of your lives.

Green Custom Homes

Environmentally-friendly homes are growing in popularity. We can add elements to your custom build to ensure that energy consumption and retention, plumbing, and other core elements are the best that they can be for your budget. Even if you don’t want an entirely new build, we can work with your existing structure to make a more eco-friendly home. We can also build outdoor structures such as greenhouses and outdoor kitchens to make nature a part of your daily life.