Kitchen Remodel Contractor In Gainesville

For most families, the kitchen is the heart of their home. It’s where we come together to spend time, pass down traditions, and create delicious meals that make even the worst days feel better. However, most families also have at least one problem area in their kitchen that they’ve always dreamed of changing. Maybe it’s a tight galley kitchen that could use some expanding or a sink that’s just too small. Perhaps it’s more than one area, and the entire kitchen needs to be updated. No matter the renovation needs, whether it’s a simple kitchen remodel or a full kitchen renovation, revitalizing the kitchen can make meal prep more efficient, allowing families to spend more time on the things that matter to them.

At Sterling Builders Group, LLC, our custom home builders in Gainesville have the years of expertise and craftsmanship required to exceed our customers’ highest standards in all aspects of the home remodel process. We’ll work with you through each step of the project, and we won’t call it complete until you’re completely satisfied. Contact us today to schedule a kitchen remodel consultation.

Gainesville Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Whether you’re overflowing with design ideas or looking for a little bit of guidance, our kitchen remodeling contractors will work with you to address any areas of concern and provide you with realistic, cost-effective solutions. We will never suggest anything that doesn’t meet your budget or needs. No matter what you’re looking to upgrade, whether it’s a custom home, bathroom remodel, bedroom renovation, outdoor structures, or a home addition, we can be of service. Some of our kitchen renovation specialties include the following features.

  • Kitchen Islands
  • Backsplashes
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets
  • Drawers
  • Organizational Solutions
  • Installing New Appliances
  • Taking Down / Putting Up Walls
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Decorative Molding
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Plumbing

We use the highest-quality materials to ensure that you get a perfect custom solution for your home. What’s more, we only work with the best subcontractors to fulfill all of your specifications. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality.

Kitchen Design & Renovations

There are endless ways to customize and optimize your space when planning your new kitchen design, with opportunities abound! There are plenty of reasons why you may seek a kitchen renovation. Whether you want to make minor adjustments that can help improve kitchen functionality for your family, you want to replace all your kitchen surfaces with high-quality materials that will last, or you simply want a space that reflects your tastes, we can help make your dream kitchen a reality. Contact us today to get started!

Kitchen Cabinets

Find the ideal cabinets for your kitchen, exactly as you want them! You can choose from a wide array of different cabinet materials, colors, tones, finishes, and more when selecting cabinets for your kitchen, from solid wood and laminate to staining or a painted finish, and pick the perfect handles to match! Whether you want a sleek aesthetic with handleless kitchen cabinets or you prefer a rustic farmhouse style with distressed wood, the choice is yours.

Kitchen Sinks

Kitchens with old, outdated sinks can cause significant frustration to homeowners, especially those who enjoy cooking and spending time in their kitchens. During your kitchen renovation, you can choose from all types, sizes, and styles of kitchen sinks, including single sinks, double sinks, sinks with disposal options, and more. There’s also the matter of material, from stainless steel and porcelain to composite and copper.

Kitchen Lighting

In each space of a home, the lighting can set the mood for the whole family. Traditional kitchen lighting can be harsh, creating a stressful environment. We can help transform your kitchen space with customized kitchen lighting that meets your needs and preferences. We can install under-cabinet lighting for elegant sophistication, in-cabinet lighting that helps foster better organization, and overhead lighting that helps the space feel fresh and bright.

Kitchen Appliances

Does your kitchen need an appliance upgrade? We can show you the most innovative options for stoves, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, dishwashers, fireplaces, and more, with aesthetic features that best complement the rest of your home’s interiors. Does your family prioritize energy efficiency? We can help you select the most sustainable appliance options for pieces that work hard, look beautiful, and keep energy use to a minimum.

Kitchen Pantry

One of the most common requests our custom contractors receive is to increase the amount of storage space in the kitchen area. For kitchens low on cabinet space, you might consider adding a kitchen pantry, with an abundance of different options for shelving, drawers, and other storage solutions. Among the many benefits of a custom-built kitchen pantry is that you can decide exactly how you’d like it to function and appear, so all aspects best serve you!

Kitchen Countertops

Transform your kitchen with brand-new countertops, built from top-of-the-line materials that can last a lifetime. Natural stone countertops, particularly those made from quartz and granite, are among the most popular material choices for homeowners pursuing a renovation. Among their many aesthetic and functional perks, these gorgeous surfaces can likewise be beneficial for use elsewhere in the home, such as the bathrooms, for a cohesive aesthetic throughout the home.

Kitchen Islands

Small kitchens can create an issue of too-little space, but without the proper features large kitchens can likewise foster a lack of harmony in your layout. A kitchen island customized for your exact needs can be the ideal answer to a host of kitchen woes. Kitchens with open layouts can benefit from the addition of a kitchen island both aesthetically and functionally. Kitchen islands make perfect places for preparing meals, while also offering additional storage space.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Sometimes, when it comes to renovating a kitchen, the smallest details can make the biggest difference. Though often overlooked, the backsplash in a kitchen can say a lot about a home and the family who owns it. Choose from a plethora of backsplash materials, such as glass, ceramic, and porcelain, or select your own mosaic for the ultimate in customization. We can help make each aspect of your backsplash contribute to a beautiful kitchen you love.

Benefits Of Kitchen Renovations

While our skilled team can help you recreate any living space in your home, kitchen remodeling is by far one of the first projects chosen by Gainesville homeowners. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so updating this space with our design-build professionals can yield benefits that include and exceed aesthetics alone. Contact Sterling Builders Group, LLC, today to find how you can benefit from kitchen remodeling!

Boosted Home Value

Kitchen renovations have a fantastic record of accomplishment with regard to high return on profit. Most kitchen remodels boost home value, which can be especially gratifying should you decide to sell your home. Furthermore, a remodeled kitchen may even help homeowners speed up the process of finding a ready buyer, as home buyers will be more interested in a home with a kitchen that can provide them with all the benefits listed above.

Improved Function

In addition to improving the aesthetics of your kitchen, kitchen remodeling also gives you the option to upgrade features that improve functionality. Old appliances may cause homeowners to  struggle with stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers that simply don’t function as they should. Or, perhaps, you don’t have the most functional kitchen layout. By remodeling this space, you have the opportunity to install beautiful, functional pieces and restructure your layout.

Reduced Energy Costs

Are your appliances out-of-date and using more energy than they should? A renovation is the perfect time to update! From dishwashers to stoves, kitchens are filled with energy-sucking appliances, and you may not even realize the negative effects they have on your utility costs. We can help you go green with sparkling, brand-new appliances that perform perfectly, complement your aesthetic tastes, and do their job without using more energy than required.

Increased Space

Small kitchens can make the process of navigating a nightmare. This is particularly true for homes with more than one person using the kitchen. Our custom home builders are able to review your layout and provide you with options for how you can best open-up your kitchen area to ensure you don’t have to step around others while cooking meals or doing anything else in the space. Increasing space can also optimize your kitchen’s storage capacity!

Upgraded Aesthetics

Does the style of your kitchen make you cringe? If so, it sounds like a great time to create a happier and more pleasant kitchen area with our custom home builders. Your kitchen should feel inviting and make cooking, cleaning, and other tasks easier. That means pleasant surroundings that reflect your unique style. We can help tailor each aspect of your kitchen remodel to your liking, with aesthetics you’ll love today and for years to come.