Porch Additions In Gainesville, FL

Florida enjoys many months of beautiful sunny weather and cool, moderate temperatures. An ideal way to enjoy this is in the comfort of your home on your own stunning porch. Our custom home builders complete custom porch additions designed to bring the comfort of indoors  outside. Our team of talented designers and experienced contractors in Gainesville collaborate with you to accomplish your ideal porch efficiently. Our porch additions are specially designed and constructed to look seamless and complement the home as though they were always there. For more information on how we can design and build you a beautiful custom porch, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation!

Custom Additions To Transform Your Space

Every home, property, and homeowner is unique. That’s why we take the time to get to know your space and your needs in order to design the perfect porch addition for you. We can build front and back porches, as well as wrap-around porches. Our team aims to accommodate every wish list and takes pride in providing custom solutions rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Built-in benches, lighting, fans, and automated screens. You name it, we can make it happen.

Benefits Of A Porch Addition

There are many benefits to completing a porch addition for your home. Not only does the added space and improved aesthetic increase your property value, but it also enables your household to better enjoy your outdoor space. Spend time with friends and family or relax in a rocking chair with a good book, a porch is a place to do it all.

Space For Entertaining

Porches are also a beautiful space for entertaining guests and enjoying the nice weather. Utilizing outdoor space makes your home feel more extensive and more functional overall. Your porch can be customized to best fit how you like to entertain. Whether it is an outdoor kitchen, a lounge with a tv and a firepit, or space for an extra-long table to seat your whole family. Your new porch will allow you to utilize your outdoor space more easily and comfortably.

Increased Home Value

A custom porch addition or remodel can significantly increase the value of your home. Front porches provide an improvement in curb appeal for your home and your neighborhood. While back porches add privacy, a huge factor towards resale desirability.

Form & Function

A porch is highly functional for a Florida home, it removes lawn and landscaping space, making it easier to maintain your yard. Plus, it is a cleaner way to enjoy the outdoors. No more seating in dirt and mud when you go outside. A screened-in porch is also an excellent way to enjoy your porch year-round without worrying about mosquitoes and other Florida bugs. We can design your porch in a way that best serves you and your lifestyle to ensure it is functional for your family while looking great.

Place For Children & Pets To Play

Kids and pets love to play outside and have a place to run around and play. Not all outdoor spaces can accommodate this, or the lack of a porch causes them to get dirty, sunburnt, and bitten by bugs. A new porch addition can be an ideal place for kids and pets alike to stay close to home and enjoy playing outside while in the comfort of a beautiful, custom porch.

Porch Additions From Sterling Builders Group

Our custom home builders in Gainesville, FL, love designing and building home additions that elevate our client’s homes. Our years of experience in the industry allow us to best serve you and accommodate every item on your wishlist. We are here to make your home dreams a reality! Contact us today to take the next step toward a beautiful, custom porch addition to your home.

Check out our photo gallery for some inspiring home addition before and after photos.