Building Up For What You Love

When a family outgrows their current home, they might opt to move to a larger house. However, you might love your residential property and prefer to avoid relocating. A second-story addition from our contractors in Gainesville, FL, can keep you in the home you love while making use of vertical space for increased square footage, oftentimes at a fraction of the cost of uprooting your family and moving into a new home. Whether you’re looking to add a master suite, a bonus room, or a combination of several spaces to your home, a second-story home addition from Sterling Builders Group, LLC can transform your living space to accommodate your needs and wants for home expansion.

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Benefits Of A Second Story Addition

When you choose a second-story addition, the exact manner of the home renovation project for a second floor will depend on your unique preferences, the foundation requirements, and whether you prefer to build the upper level from scratch, to temporarily lift and replace the existing roof, expand an upper level over an existing one-story section, or incorporate a modular addition to your second-story floor plans. Whatever you envision for your second-story addition, our Gainesville custom home builders can make your dream a reality. Read on the learn more about the unique benefits of vertical expansion for your home.

More Square-Footage

Small, cramped interior layouts can feel cluttered and leave much to be desired for home comfort. With a second story addition, you can make more space for what (and whom) you love. Whether you want to add multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, customized storage solutions, full-scale master suites, playrooms, nurseries, or other spaces, we can make it happen.

A Better Interior Layout

When it comes to a second-story floor addition, more space means endless possibilities for your new layout. You can customize your second floor to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your home for improved functionality and use of space. You can even create more space in your first-floor areas by increasing the height of your ceilings and adding windows.

Custom Design & Storage

One of the numerous advantages of a custom home addition from Sterling Builders Group, LLC is the opportunity to select custom features and input storage specifications for your new second-floor space. You can choose custom storage, shelving, cabinetry, windows, doors, and much more, including unique pieces crafted to fit your preferences and needs.

Preserved Outdoor Space

Building out, such as with a bump-out, rather than up, such as adding a new two-story addition to your house, decreases your outdoor square footage and may cut into your yard or garden. Additionally, building out can change the aesthetic of the exterior of your home. Adding a new second-story addition allows you to gain square footage without affecting the exterior property.

Increased Home Value

Larger homes tend to have higher property values and are often sought after on the home-buying market. Adding a second story can allow you to maximize your space while increasing the resale value of your property.

Second Story Addition Ideas

When it comes to your second-story floor addition, our home remodeling contractors will work closely with you to craft a home addition that meets all of your needs and specifications. Our Gainesville contractors have years of experience remodeling, renovating, building, and adding to residential and commercial properties. Looking for inspiration for your second story addition? Consider these second-story addition ideas while planning your dream home!

  • Full Second Story Addition. A full-scale second-story addition maximizes your square footage by utilizing vertical space. This involves a full-scale building atop the existing first floor and offers near-endless possibilities for design and build.
  • Partial Second Story Addition. Consider whether you want a full-scale or partial second-story addition. A partial addition can be done by adding a second story to your lower-level garage, for example, instead of atop the main house.
  • Modular Second Story Addition. A modular second-story addition is designed and built off-site and installed, fully built to your existing home. This option is convenient, though it may limit your ability to customize and personalize the addition to your needs.
  • Specialty Rooms. A second story can serve a variety of functions and purposes and can free up space in other areas of your home. We can even expand the height of your current home’s first-floor rooms for a more spacious, airy environment throughout.
  • Vaulted Ceilings. Making the most of the vertical space in your home, vaulted ceilings can revitalize a current space and create a new floor with a large, bright, and inviting feeling. Vaulted ceilings are a popular choice for many homeowners seeking additions.
  • Custom Storage. Custom storage solutions and organizational features can further optimize your living space. Consider built-in shelving with natural lighting fixtures, luxurious walk-in closets, and tasteful storage nooks for high function and great design.
  • Windows. Our home remodeling contractors can design any style of windows, including garden windows and large bay windows, and doors, such as patio doors and upper-level terrace doors, for your new second story.
  • Flooring. Your flooring options for a second-story addition are plenty and include wood, carpet, tile, laminate, concrete, stone, and more! We can even combine multiple types of flooring to accommodate your stylistic preferences and functional needs.
  • Finishes. From wallpaper and paint to trim and molding, our contractors can add the perfect finishing touches that add a personal touch to your new level.
  • Increased Space. If you don’t require a full-scale second-story home addition, then consider an upper-level expansion, which increases the size of your home by adding onto an existing room vertically.

Check out our photo gallery for some inspiring home addition before and after photos.