Home Additions

Make Your Home Work For You

A home is a work in progress. As a family’s size and needs change, so do the needs for a larger or smaller home. Sometimes changes are small, such as adding an extra room or bathroom for a new family member. More significant changes, such as adding a second story, can benefit growing families even more. In any case, no matter how big or small you want your home addition to be, our Gainesville contractors will work with you to turn your vision into reality.

Benefits Of A Home Addition

Most of us go through our daily routines without noticing how many aspects of our home inconvenience us. Even if we do acknowledge the issue, it can seem like a bigger hassle to fix it. However, house additions can solve long-standing problems, save your family time, and inspire you to update other aspects of your home. For example, end sibling squabbles with an additional bathroom, dedicate space to clothing care with a laundry room, or help keep the rest of your house tidy with a mudroom. Save visiting family members’ money and make them more comfortable in a bedroom of their own at your home.

Home additions also add value if you ever decide to sell your property, and having a coveted extra room can be the difference between closing a deal or staying on the market.

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Home Addition Projects

Home addition projects can include actual room additions or expanding an existing room. Almost any room can accommodate an expansion or side addition, but we’ll work with you to determine the best layout for your home. Some common home addition projects include the following.


Whether you’re bringing home a new baby or an elderly family member, an additional bedroom can be set up to address the need for more space as well as safety concerns. Or, maybe it’s time to make the master bedroom an actual master with a much-needed expansion.


Not having enough bathrooms or having one that’s too small are both easily fixed problems. Even if your children are currently young and happily share a bathroom, it’s a good idea to have at least two bathrooms for every three bedrooms, depending on the number of people. You can also make space for the shower, bath, shelving, or vanity you’ve always wanted.


A closet with ample space not only provides you with enough room for clothes, accessories, shoes, cleaning supplies, and more, it also keeps it all organized. Whether it’s a pantry, walk-in closet, or utility closet, we can create the closet and add custom shelving and rods.


Whipping up home-cooked meals with your family starts in a kitchen that’s big enough for everyone. Pass down family recipes without bumping into each other. Add an island, sink, counter space, custom cabinetry, and more.

Second-Story Floors

When your property doesn’t have room to build out further, there’s nowhere to go but up. Popular second-floor additions include a master bedroom, closet, and bathroom suite. A second floor is also perfect for a growing family to have plenty of space for fun.


Whether you want an expansion or a brand new one, a garage provides protection for your vehicles, lawn machines, tools, and even adds curb appeal. It also makes a great area to set up a workshop for hobbies or to tackle home projects.

Utility Rooms

A laundry room or mudroom are practical additions to homes that can streamline daily tasks. Add a craft or sewing room to focus on the things you love to do most. Or, add a den where you can get some alone time for a while.

Playroom Or Game Room

A playroom for kids is a great way to keep their bedrooms clean by designating a room just for their toys. But kids shouldn’t have all the fun! A game room with a billiard table, ping pong table, video games, in-home theater, or whatever you’re interested in is perfect for personal recreation and entertaining friends and family.


Sunrooms, or Florida rooms, are perfect for adding natural light without being subjected to the heat or bugs. Take full advantage of modern conveniences while still enjoying the natural beauty of Florida!